Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2012 Blue Jeans Week 36

Ever since starting my picture-a-day way of documenting our lives in 2009 I have loved the different things I have taken pictures of.  It isn't always people.  Often times it is things--things we love, things we have done, rooms in our house, physical things I want to remember.  As the kids look through our older albums from 2009 and on they love seeing those pictures not just of themselves, but of our 'things.'  I hear comments of, "oh yeah, I remember that toy.  It was my favorite," or  "oh, I loved that book!  I remember when Dad read us that!"  or "I remember when I had that.  I loved it!  What happened to it?"  That last one is a very good question, and the answer is usually who knows?  But at least we have a picture of it to remember.  So this week I have some 'things' pictures that will help my family remember some things they loved.  Enjoy. . .
Sunday:  Ben is usually in charge of bedtime stories.  Lately Mr J has been insisting on having these.  Calvin and Hobbes is something Ben has loved forever, and I really didn't know about until I met him.  Ben has every book of theirs, and they have become Mr. J's favorite bedtime stories lately.  

Monday:  Playing games is something my family really loves.  Tonight we played Clue.  What a classic!  Mr J just has to learn to hold his cards the right way so he doesn't show everyone his hand every few seconds :)

Tuesday:   Typical after school shot from our house.  Miss A doing history homework, and Mr J working on spelling.

Wednesday:  After the kids leave for school is when I exercise.  I walk.  I love to walk.  Lately I have seen these wild sunflowers up everywhere in the country where I walk.  I love sunflowers and captured a picture of them as I walked by today.

Thursday:  Volleyball!  Miss O is playing school volleyball this year.  It is the first year they can play school sports.  Today was a home game, and she did awesome!  It is so fun to watch your kids play.

Friday:  Sometimes I work at my kids' elementary school.  Today I was working in the library where my mom is the librarian, and so my kids came there after school.  Nana always has a fun project for them to do. Today they were writing Japanese pen pals.

Saturday:  All 4 of my kids take piano lessons.  I start them the May they finish kindergarten, so with 4 we have a lot of piano music at our house, and the piano is a big deal.  Lately Miss O has gotten it into her head that she needs to be getting ready to play Christmas music early--like September early, so she went through all our Christmas music and has been practicing it every day.  It is kind of fun to hear 'Jingle Bells' on a hot, sunny September day.  Christmas music is her latest 'thing.'

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you have a great week!

Chic Homeschool Mama


  1. Miss O knows what she's talking about! It's never too early to start playing Christmas music. She's a girl after my own heart :)

    Love all these pictures. Thanks again for sharing!

  2. Lot's of great "things" to remember. I love that about project life too. Get this, John introduced me to Calvin and Hobbs when we were dating as well. He also has all their books and the boys enjoy them now--what boy wouldn't? Looks like you had a really great week. How cool to be pen pals with someone in Japan!

  3. What a nice thought about recording the books and games you play. And I should definitely try C&H for bedtime reading :)