Monday, September 24, 2012

2012 Blue Jeans Week 38

So last week was a seriously bummer week--my camera broke!!!!  I got two pictures for the whole week, and then it broke!  I am so sad.  I feel like my right arm was cut off.  I am in a quandary about what to do to replace it.  Ben suggested just getting me an iphone or itouch.  I am not too interested in that.  I want a camera.  I just want a point and shoot that is small and can stay in my purse, and I take everywhere.  The one I had was a Canon, and I loved it.  I think it just got dropped too many times (oops) from constantly being in my purse and going everywhere as part of our lives.  I am so sad.  So anyone have any suggestions about cameras they like?  Or cameras on your phones?  I am not a big fan of that, but maybe?  I am open for suggestions. . .

So. . .

here are my 2 pictures that I took this past week :)
We were playing Apples to Apples Jr, and I took this from the floor view.  I think you can see everyone's feet in this picture.  Love it.

I went to lunch and shopping with some of my awesome girlfriends this week.  We bought pumpkins and mums--fall here we come!

Some random thoughts about this week. . .

1.  The newspaper helped me out with my photos--they must have known my camera would break,  Miss A and Miss O were on the front page of the sport section different days this week for their cross country (Miss A got 6th in the varsity meet) and Miss O playing volleyball.

2.  Volleyball is over--yeah!  This last week was a killer with games Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and a 5 game tournament on Saturday--whew!  Time for a nap. . .

3.  Miss E is playing in a African Drumming Circle group after school on Mondays.  She loves it.

4.  Mr J will be glad volleyball games are over.  I think he was sick of sitting there, and sitting there and eating snacks I brought or forgot to bring, "didn't you remember to bring gold fish mom?"  

5.  Homecoming was this past week.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of us at the game.  We actually won, and Miss A's choir sang the National Anthem.  It was a beautiful night for a football game.

6.  I went with Mr J's class to watch the homecoming parade. I wish I had a picture of that.  The kids had so much fun, got tons of candy, and it was fun to see Miss A in the parade with the freshman float.

7.  Small towns are a great place to live, and I love our small town.

8.  I am making pumpkin waffles this morning.  I am so ready for fall.  Getting Halloween decor out is on the 'to-do' list this week.  We will see if that actually happens.

9.  I substituted at the kids' school most of last week.  My house is a mess, and dinners were crazy.  I just wanted to order pizza every night.  I have a whole new respect for working mothers now.  You are amazing!  I don't know how you do it.  I have a week of work at home to catch up on after working outside the home for a week.  Ugh.  I don't think my family enjoyed me working last week either.  It just threw our whole schedule, meals, cleaning, laundry, and life off.  Thursday night I told Ben I was so grateful he worked so hard so I could stay home.  He agreed :)  I am very grateful that I have that opportunity to be home.  It is a blessing I really appreciate, and my family has a greater appreciation for it too after this week.

Thanks for visiting and giving your camera opinions.  I need to get a new one ASAP so my life can get back to normal :)  Have a great week!

Chic Homeschool Mama


  1. Sorry about your camera! I agree, that you should have a take along camera as well as a phone! Hope you get it!

  2. I just bought a Lumix camera. It has underwater capabilities and is so fun! I love that it's durable and I don't have to worry so much about it. We go through point and shoots too fast when Randy takers them camping. Hopefully this will last longer. And I love the color options.

  3. I am soooooo loving the color of those pumpkins. I have been looking all over for some like that so I can do a similar display. Then that game in the first shot- our family loves that one.

  4. Great collection of pumpkins and gourds. Oh I feel your pain on the camera. Maybe you can find a replacement on ebay. You have to have a camera. too many wonderful moments that go by undocumented. Good luck

  5. Oh no! I'm so sorry your camera broke. That is a huge bummer. Love all the fall treasures you got out shopping with your friends--such a great variety. You still did a good job journaling or taking note of what happened this week. I hear ya on the working mom thing. I work full time and yes family dinners during the week most certainly suffer along with almost everything else, but I love my job and have always wanted to work so it is what it is. I just do my best to keep my sanity ;0) Hope you find a good replacement camera soon. My 2 older boys and my husband all have small point and shoot cameras so I've got plenty of back-ups if I need them.

  6. I am so sorry your camera broke. I've been there. It sounds like you had a full, fun week anyway. We have an Olympus Tough that is with me almost all the time. It takes some great photos and it can take a beating, PLUS it's water proof and kid proof. Hope you get a new camera soon!

  7. HI Jen! It has been s great getting caught up with you on here. Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I was sad to hear about your camera. Mine is a small point and click Cannon SX200IS. I love that it is so easy to have with me. I am so happy to hear about Miss A taking 6th in the Varsity meet! That's fantastic! I can appreciate that so much. I keep hoping we will run into you at some of the XC meets. I hope you can get a new camera soon! I love reading your blog. You have beautiful family. You are just an amazing mom and person and I feel so blessed to know you.