Monday, January 28, 2013

2013 Blue Jeans Week 4

We had a pretty good week this week.  It was nice to have a longer weekend with Martin Luther King day off.  We are all still staying healthy for which I am extremely glad.  Life is good, and we are grateful for each beautiful day we have.  Here is a look at our week. . .
Sunday:  This afternoon Ben and Mr J worked very hard on making a "cool" train track in the living room.  It has this stellar hill to begin with.  I think that boy needs to be an engineer.

Monday:  No school, so the girls went to the church to play basketball with some friends and the sister missionaries from our church.  They had a great time.

Miss E and I worked hard on making these cinnamon roll sugar cookies for a treat today.  The recipe is from  no other than Mel's Kitchen Cafe, and can be found here.  They were divine!

Wednesday:  This is our microwave that my parents gave to us when we got married over 17 years ago.  It has seen better days, and is, sadly, about to die, so we ordered a new one this week.  It is coming tomorrow, but I wanted to document our old microwave that has been with our family since it began.  We will miss you :)  If it could only tell us how many bags of microwave popcorn it has popped in its lifetime, I think we would be amazed.

Thursday:  School bingo night.  Our kids' school does a free family fun bingo night every January.  There are books for the kids' prizes and donated baskets for the adults.  Dinner is $1.  It is just a fun family night at the school.  Ben, Miss E, Mr J and my mom work on their bingo cards tonight.

Friday:  We went exploring by the river today after school.  I needed some smooth river rocks for a project, and my kids were very happy to help me find some.  Our weather has been so crazy for January.  One day it is 65 and the next 32.  Today was one of the warm days.

Saturday:  My older girls and I were up in the city all day today playing volleyball from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.  We had a church volleyball tournament.  I was the coach of these amazing girls.  We won every single game we played the whole day long.  We won the tournament and got this awesome Barbie trophy and starbursts.  It was a fun but very long day.


  1. That's great about the volleyball tournament and how cool for you to be the coach! I miss my boys playing with trains. My oldest used to make the most amazing tracks for his younger brothers and I think he may become an engineer too but bio-medical. We'll see! Love that river-rock picking picture. Our weather has been the same. Some days are freezing in the 30's and others are nice and toasty in the 60's. Hope you have another great week!

  2. Loved seeing your week. That Barbie trophy is hilarious! My youngest is playing volleyball right now as well :)

  3. Loved getting here from the PL Tuesdays... ;D

  4. What a great week. My boys would LOVE enough tracks to do that. Must hunt down some. Family bingo night sounds like SO much fun!