Monday, July 8, 2013

2013 Blue Jeans Week 27

This week was a lot slower in terms of places to go and things to do which was very nice and very needed!  We had a great 4th of July celebration, and the kids have enjoyed sleeping in the backyard in the tent a few nights in a row.  We have had extremely un-July like temperatures--we needed jackets to watch the fireworks on the night of the 4th, and that has been divine.  I think normal July temps are coming, but we are loving it while it lasts especially after last summer's drought and extreme heat!  Here is a look at our week. . . 
Mr J and Ben take some time each week to work on his scouting.  That boy loves marking things off!

Girls shopping trip today.  These 4 let loose on downtown and had a ball.

We had an evening walk as a family.  Sure love these kids!

We went to a nearby small town for their 3rd of July fireworks display.  The kids enjoyed a game of Frisbee before it got dark and the fireworks started.

Our crew on the 4th trying out their layered drinks.  They thought they were so cool!  See previous post for  recipe.  We had a great time and loved the cooler temps!

Mr J watering our garden which we got in way too late, but that is okay.  Gardens are more for building character than veggies sometimes I think :)

The tent in the back yard that the kids have enjoyed sleeping in several nights this past week.

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you had a great 4th of July week!


  1. The setting sun sky is gorgeous! What a beautifully busy week!!

  2. Love the sky at dusk! Such beautiful light!

  3. I ♥ that 3rd of July picture b/c of how pretty the sky is!
    The girls shopping trip pic is too fun! :)
    Have a great week!

  4. Such a cute shot of the girls going shopping. I bet they had a blast. Love the one of all them on the walk too. The evening sky on the 3rd looked amazing. Glad you all had a nice fourth. We'll have to try those layered drinks and my boys have been begging to have our tent put up in the backyard. I'm just waiting for it to cool a bit!