Friday, September 6, 2013

First meet of the season

So in case you didn't know, our cute Miss A is a runner.  A very good runner, and I have no idea where she gets that talent from because it is definitely not from me.  This week she had her first cross country meet of the season.
Here she is with her cute teammate before the race.  It was a pretty hot day to be running--over 90, but she was ready to go. 

She is a sophomore, but this is her second year to run varsity.  Everyone lined up.  There were a lot of girls in that varsity race.

She did a great job!

I so admire her determination and strength to be able to run those 2. 5 mile (4K) races.  Her goal is to make it to state this year.  Last year she missed it by one place and 1/4 of a second.  She is looking good this year!  We just hope and pray she stays healthy and can run the races she wants because she works so hard and deserves the best!  Way to go Miss A!!!  We are proud of you!

Miss O also had her first volleyball game---conveniently it was the same day as Miss A's race.  One was an hour south and the other was 30 minutes north, so we went to the 30 minutes one.  We can't be to everything with 4 active kids, and our kids understand that, but they know we love and support them and will be there if we can, and Miss O has a lot more games we can go to which we are excited about.  She is also a super hard worker and dedicated.  Way to go Miss O!!!  We are proud of you!

Looking forward to a fun and very busy season!


  1. And so it begins.... looking GREAT!!! And sounding BUSY!!!

  2. My oldest was a cross country runner and I've been trying to persuade all the others to follow in her footsteps, no luck in that. I love the sport and wish it was around here when I was a kid. I guess we had it we just called it running in the The pics are great she's a lovely girl.