Monday, September 30, 2013

2013 Blue Jeans Week 39

3 Volleyball games and 2 cross country races later, we made it through this week.  It is finally beginning to feel like fall here, and I am loving it.  Love having the windows open, love having the excuse to bake anything with pumpkin, love decorating for the season and buying pumpkins.  Love the sunsets we have been having.  Life is good, and I love it.  Here is a look at our week and what I love. . .
Several years ago for Christmas my mom gave us a set of hand bells that we like to get out and sing and play with every so often.  We did that this week and had a lot of fun.  We love to make music at our house.

Went on an evening bike ride and loved the sunset!  Sure love where we live!

Girls lunch out--sent shopping and to lunch with these amazing ladies that I love so, so much! 

One of several volleyball games this week.  This girl is one hard worker, let me tell you.  I sure love her!

These two are in the middle school band together, and it is so fun to hear them play things together.  This next week is going to be a big band week--2 parades and one football game are on the band agenda.  Go girls, go!  Sure love their good attitudes and hard work!

Isn't she about the cutest thing ever?  Got her high school band pictures back this week.  What a doll!  Have I mentioned how hard this girl works?  7 a.m. band almost every morning plus volleyball practice every day after school plus one late night a week of band practice, volleyball games, and she gets all A's.  She really does inspire me!  I sure love her!  

Ben was messing around with our camera and the different settings while we were decorating for Halloween.  Mr J was so excited to get all our Halloween books out!  Lots of fun memories reading those!  I sure love books!

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you have a great week!

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  1. I for sure don't miss those crazy busy days of high school & having so many things to's exhausting!

    Those bells look like a lot of fun to play together.
    That sunset is BEAUTIFUL!
    Isn't fall such a fun time of the year?
    Hope y'all have a great week this week!

  2. Looks like an amazing ride at sunset. Great band picture and cool Halloween books. Great picture effect there--looks spooky cool ;0) It's so wonderful you go out often with your friends. Lunch with the ladies is the always fun.

  3. Jealous of the bike ride - gorgeous view.

    Jen - I've been meaning to tell you that we tried your banana bars with the cream frosting. Oh my! That frosting was heaven. Greg even commented on how good it was. I've never done cooked frosting - and what a great way to start! Thanks again Jen!