Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday thoughts. . .

My random Friday thoughts. . .
Love, Love, Love Dr. Seuss!  We all have mountains to climb--every single one of us.   So get on your way!

My organized Christmas countdown started a few weeks ago.  Man, I love that thing.  Keeps me sane during the holidays.  I don't do everything, and I don't get all done before the end, but it sure helps keep me on track and way more on the ball that if I wasn't following it.  Highly recommend it--even if you are starting late, start.  It is very helpful!  I think I am going on 9 years doing it now.  Check it out here.

Getting ready for our first snow of the season this year. . . how exciting, I think :)  It is nice when you can just stay home and enjoy it and not have to go anywhere.  Otherwise, it isn't so exciting.  But my kids are sure excited!!!  Bring on the hot chocolate, a roaring fire, a blanket and a good book!

Have a good weekend!

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