Monday, March 16, 2015

2015 Blue Jeans Week 11

We survived daylight savings time change.  Hate that one.  Our normal early morning seminary time of 5:30 was 4:30 and that was not fun.  So glad it is spring break so we can catch up on some sleep and actually sleep in a day or two this week.  Yeah!  I am so not a happy person to be around if I don't get enough sleep :)  It finally feels like spring is coming to us--weather wise and critter wise, and loved us some pie this week for Pi day.  Take a look at our week.
I was at the kitchen table doing some work when I looked out and saw this in our backyard. Ugh!  I instantly texted Ben and told him.  He texted back, "Throw rocks at it or shoot it."  I replied, "Do you want me to get sprayed?  and shoot it with what?  One of the kids' Nerf guns?"  I watched it crawl through our yard and onto the neighbors and into a field.  Joys of country living and a sure sign of spring--skunks!

Major high school band day this week.  We hosted league band which was pretty cool.  Miss A and O on their French horns.  The band sounded amazing as always!

Wednesday night youth group.  We did some yard work at the church and celebrated with pie.  Yum!

Ben and the kids enjoying a beautiful evening.  One nice thing about daylight savings is it stays lighter later, which I do like.  

For PI Day we wanted to make something yummy.  Ben wanted to do a lemon meringue pie--his mom's amazing recipe.  I wanted to just top the lemon with whipping cream, but he insisted, so he made the meringue.  For never having done that, it turned out really good.

The girls enjoy the weather and reading on the front porch swing.

Happy Pi Day!  We enjoyed homemade lemon meringue and chocolate cream.  Yum!

Hope you have a great week!  Come back soon!

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  1. Lol! Throw rocks or shoot it? I think he wanted you to get sprayed. You had pretty much the same flavor pies we had with small variations. They looks amazing. Lucky you already on spring break. We're counting down the days. It doesn't start here until the 30th--ugh! I'm so ready. Love the band picture shot. French horns are so pretty. I had a college roommate who payed the French horn.