Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What's up Wednesday--Easter dishes

So with Easter coming up this weekend I have two big meals to plan for.  One is our annual Easter Egg hunt and pot luck.  We have hosted this for 9 years at our house.  Super fun!  Everyone brings something yummy to share.  This year I decided I would make. . .

* mozzarella sticks--the kids always like finger food
*Jello beans--got the mold several years ago, and it is another finger food the kids love

*chicken bow-tie pasta salad--one of my favorite pasta salad recipes
*Red and White pasta--which is a huge favorite of my family's

For our Sunday Easter dinner, we go to my mom's and enjoy it with lots of other friends and family from church.  For that I am bringing. . .

**Oreo Salad--a must have at any holiday dinner in our family

*Cheesy Au Gratin Potatoes from none other than Mel's Kitchen Cafe

*Creamy Confetti Corn with Bacon which is another family favorite from my favorite Mel's Kitchen Cafe.

So looking forward to the Easter weekend to remember our Savior and to be with family and enjoy yummy food!    Hope yours is wonderful too!

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  1. Oh man. Makes me want to drive back out there this weekend. :)