Monday, June 15, 2015

2015 Blue Jeans Week 24

Busy summer week, but a good one.  Lots of things going on.  Take a look. . .
This was Miss A's family for her trek.  Super hard work, but a good experience!

Miss O's family for her trek.  She got so sunburned.  Oh my. There is a reason they wore those bonnets :)

Then about 12 hours after Miss A got home from trek she headed to Girls State with these other great girls from her school.  Busy week for her, but very rewarding!

Mr J had a cub scout day camp that he really enjoyed :)  Love the firemen that came and shared all their cool stuff!

Girls State banquet.  Some amazing and beautiful ladies!

We celebrated my dear Grum's birthday since he is no longer with us.  We let off balloons with birthday messages for him.  I know he was smiling down on us as we did it.  Sure miss you like crazy Grum!

Miss A had a crazy busy week.  Got home from Girls State and led the organization of a Interact club for our high school.  It is a youth service organization through Rotary.  Great people and a great group of kids to get it started!  So proud of Miss A and her hard work!

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  1. Such a busy and full week for Miss A! So many exciting accomplishments. How wonderful! Looks like a great boy scouts camp too. Super fun for the kids with the firemen there. I love that you released balloons for your Grum. What a special way to remember him on his bday.

  2. WOW! What a busy week! I'm glad the girls had a good time at Trek.
    Those O Henry bars that you posted w/ the recipe look SOOOOO good!
    I might have to make them soon. :)