Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2015 Blue Jeans Week 26

Let me start off by saying that I am blessed with the best husband ever.  My kids have the best Dad ever.  He has worked so extra hard this week on our house.  He took a few days off to get it painted, and thank heavens for him!  I know he is exhausted, but it is sure looking good!  Can't show before and after shots yet because we are still figuring out what to do with the front door.  Decisions, decisions.  But here is a look at our week of painting (and other activities). . .
Happy Father's Day to the Best Dad Ever!!!  4 very lucky kids here!  Miss O gave him the shirt for Father's Day :)

And their 'funny' picture :)

And what has consumed our time the last week and a half!  

Ben and one of his cool Father's Day presents-- a water gun from Miss E.

More working on the house. . .

And we had an awesome date night.  We went up to the city to a dinner theater and saw Hairspray.  It was so good!  The food was amazing, the show awesome, and the company even better!  A nice way to end a busy week full of lots of hard work!  Sure love this guy!

Thanks for visiting!  Come back soon!

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  1. That's so nice you got to escape on a date night after all that hard work and just relax and enjoy yourselves. Looks like a fun Father's day with some fun gifts. I'm sure your house looks amazing and good luck with the door.