Thursday, June 18, 2015

What's up Wednesday--granola bites

Yes, I know another What's up Wednesday on a Thursday, but I have a very valid excuse.  I had to get 2 teenage girls ready and off for girls camp yesterday, so it was a little crazy.  As part of their camp prep--this being the kind of camp that they have to bring everything--tent, water, food,--everything because they are out in the middle of nowhere with nothing--as part of the prep my girls requested that I make these for them to take as snacks.  These granola bites are so yummy!  Our favorite is probably the regular, but the chocolate are extra good too.  We freeze them and love them out of the freezer.  So I made a batch of each for the girls and froze them, so we will see how long they last at camp in the cooler :)  Of course I got the recipes for these from Mel's Kitchen Cafe--the amazing one and only.  I seriously make something of hers almost every day.  Great stuff there.  
No bake granola bites here--so good.  I always use the agave nectar when I make them instead of honey.  If you are wondering what else you can do with the flaxseed that you need for this recipe, these waffles are divine and I make them once a week.

No Bake Dark Chocolate Granola Bites are also extra yum.  A little more work than the top granola bites.  The top recipe you just throw everything into a bowl and scoop out.  These you have to toast the coconut and almond and heat some of the other ingredients, but it isn't hard at all and goes very quickly.  They are also sooooo good!  Only changes I make in this recipe, I never use the cacao nibs--no idea what they are, and my tiny town one grocery store does not carry them.  I also use agave nectar instead of honey with this recipe.  We just like the taste of that better than honey.

Perfect summer treats--no oven required and great to keep in the freezer to take out as a snack anytime.  Also, a great camp treat, as requested this year.  Enjoy!

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