Monday, July 27, 2015

2015 Blue Jeans Week 30

A very hot week of summer. Last swim meet for Mr. J and Miss E.  Miss O was gone all week to a student council camp, and then she was home one day and then Miss A left for a week for Girls Nation.  So we have 1 day in these last 2 weeks that our whole family has been home.  Crazy!  Here is a look at our week. . .
Laundry day--Miss E is singing as she switches laundry loads.  Singing while doing laundry is a nice sound to hear!  And we have lots of laundry here!  

Last swim meet of the season--Ben was a timer and I was a place judge.  It was hot!

Mr J doing an amazing job in his breast stroke!  He has improved so much this year!  

Miss E finishes strong in one of her 8 races of the night.  So proud of her hard work!

The one day our family was all together in these next 2 weeks!  Crazy!

Long day today.  Left home at 4 a.m. to get to the airport by 6 a.m. so Miss A could catch her 7 a.m flight to Washington D.C to get to Girls Nation.  It was kind of hard to put my girl on a plane all by herself to fly half way across the country.  This was about 6:20 a.m. as we said good-bye for a week before she entered the gate to get on her plane.  She made it safely and is having an amazing time!  So proud of her!  

After we finally got home from our long day dropping Miss A off, it was so hot and we were hungry and needed a cool treat.  This is what we got at the store to relax with and watch a movie :)  Good stuff!  The yogurt was for fresh fruit crepes that we had for dinner and ice cream for dessert :)  YUM!

And here is a picture of Miss A and the amazing group she is with this week.  Awesome!  A question and answer session with President Obama is on the agenda for the week, one of many amazing things they get to do!

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you have a great week!  Stay cool!

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  1. How wonderful for miss A to be going to Girl's Nation. I bet that was an amazing experience for her and all those girls. It sure is un-nerving sending them alone of a plane though, right? I went through that with Tyler in Nov but it's a great experience for them. Looks like you all found a wonderful way to stay cool and yay for the end of swim. No practice here anymore--frees up so much time which is time I need to prep for school starting in 2 weeks. Yikes!