Wednesday, November 25, 2015

2015 Blue Jeans Week 47

 Busy week--a couple basketball games, cross country awards banquet (Miss A's last one!!!), piano recital and life in general.  Only going to have one post this week.  Going to limit computer time and be grateful for all I have and spend time with my family.  We are hosting Thanksgiving tomorrow and will have about 25.  Friday we have the tradition of getting all the Christmas decorations up and Saturday we have nothing, so looking forward to a wonderful end of this week.  We have so much to be thankful for!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Here is a look at our past week. . .

Miss E #12 in a huddle during one of her basketball games this week.  She is doing great and loves it!  
Once a week I volunteer in Mr J's class.  Today they were working on softening "buffalo" hides (they were just brown pieces of paper, but the kids sure loved it!) to get ready to make a teepee.

Mr J and Miss A enjoying some trampoline time together. 

My three girls and their amazing cross country coach who was also my cross country coach.  He has been around a long time and is just the best!

Awards banquet--Coach likes to do funny awards--Miss A got the "My mom hugs me too much award doll" and Miss O got the "I'm jealous of my sister award doll."  It was pretty funny.

Miss E and her 8th grade girls cross country team.

Piano recital was this week.  Always a lot of work, and they kids did awesome!  Miss O didn't perform in this one.  Her song wasn't ready, so she gets to play at the spring recital.  Miss E did a great job!

Miss A in her probably last group recital.  She will have her own senior recital in the spring.  Crazy!  She played an amazing Chopin piece so beautifully!

And these two cute boys did a duet together that was awesome!  They also each did a solo which was also very, very good!  Lots of smiles that it is over :)

Have a blessed Thanksgiving and see you next week!


  1. Super busy as usual. The kids are amazing. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving with all those people- wow! 25 is a lot!!

  2. What a great idea to learn how to soften a "buffalo hide" in prep for Thanksgiving.
    I'm so sad that it's a lot of Miss A's "lasts" of things.
    Those awards from the cross country banquet are too funny!
    I hope y'all had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving and that you survived having 25 people over! :)