Monday, March 28, 2016

2016 Blue Jeans Week 12

Big week---I turned 40--crazy.  But that isn't old.  40 is the new 30 right?  It was a fun day regardless of my age :)  We enjoyed a short week because of Good Friday off, and had a very nice long weekend home together.  Here is a look at our week. . .
A few Sunday evenings a month we volunteer as a family at a local soup kitchen.  It has been a good experience for all of us.  We are getting ready to serve here this last week.

Happy Birthday to me!  I got a homemade cheesecake with a lemon curd topping which was divine!  Birthdays aren't so bad with a cake like this!

We have this funny little blue bird that has a nest under our side porch.  It likes to fly up and hit our windows. . . all day long.  I constantly hear tapping sounds at the back windows and look to see the blue bird hitting up against it.  You would think after a week of this it would figure out they are windows, and it can't go through them, but no.  It still taps all day long.

Here is the pretty blue bird as it gets ready to fly up and hit our windows :)  Not the smartest bird out there I guess. . .

Mr J's class had a "Boston Tea Party" this week and I got to be there to help.  We don't drink tea, so he was excited to bring hot chocolate :)  

Good Friday we got to work--got the garden cleaned out and tilled so we can actually plant something this year.  Last year we just never got around to doing anything with it--without hard work nothing grows but weeds--so true!

Saturday we had a quick little impromptu egg hunt with some dear friends.  We normally host a big luncheon and egg hunt but were out of town most of the day, so we just did a quick little one with these friends.  These little and big kids were all about the candy!  It was a gorgeous day for an egg hunt too!  

And what is the best part after an egg hunt?  Going through your candy and trading!

Hope you all had a blessed Easter!  So grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and that He lives!  
Thanks for visiting!  Come back soon!


  1. Happy Birthday! 40 is the new 30 and you're younger than me by quite a bit ;0) That is a pretty bird but I bet it gets a bit annoying after awhile. Have fun with the garden. I need to do some serious weeding in our yard soon. With all the good rain the weeds have taken off. The egg hunt looks so fun. It's always more fun with more kids!

  2. ♪ ♫ Happy happy birthday Jen dear. Happy days will come to you all year. If I had one wish then it would be ... A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU FROM ME!!! ♪ ♫ You don't look a day over 32! :)

    I wish we could get a good garden to grow here in TX, but the soil is just too full of clay. I'll live vicariously through pictures of your beautiful garden once it starts growing.

    That's so neat that y'all serve at a soup kitchen. Service is one of the very best things there is ... especially for our kids.