Monday, October 10, 2016

2016 Blue Jeans Week 40

It was a quieter week this week.  Miss O was gone for most of the week to a Rotary youth leadership camp, so we only had 2 kids home most of the week.  We had a crazy scary storm roll through this week.  Tornado sirens went off, we were in the basement with our power out, and the power was off for 21 hours!  I was getting ice and coolers to save my fridge food.  It was crazy!  But thankfully nothing touched down by us, but we did get 5 inches of rain in a matter of hours and hail.  Again our house was fine and everything and most importantly everyone in it, but after 21 hours without power we were very grateful to have it back on.  It is amazing the things we take for granted, and my prayers go out to all those in the paths of hurricanes because we really have nothing to complain about.  Anyway, here is a look at our week. . .
A picture from Miss A--on Sunday she and her friends got to attend a session of our Church's General Conference in the Conference Center on Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City.  What an awesome experience for her!

While she was watching it live, we watched at home and enjoyed our traditional conference weekend breakfast--aebelskivers--which are a round Danish pancake which we love to eat with nutella and bananas.  Yum!

Love hearing these two play duets together!  This is a first for them!

It was our town's annual celebration this week.  The parade is a big deal, and we had gorgeous weather after the scary storm and rain we got earlier in the week.  We enjoyed watching it from the tailgate of my dad's truck.  We only had Mr J to watch it with though because Miss O was gone at a camp and Miss E was marching in the parade with the band.  I love small town parades!

As part of the celebration they had a carnival in town.  Mr J and his little friend really loved this ride.  I think they rode it 8 times. . . :) 

We had a talent show at church this weekend.  Miss E is playing the piano for her friend who sang and Mr J also played a piano solo, but here he was in charge of turning the pages for Miss E while she played :)

Another picture from Miss A and her week----she and some friends did a breakout room which is where you are "locked in" a room and have to figure out clues to get back out.  She loved it!   One of her favorite things so far she said :)  

And Miss O came back home after 4 days at a Rotary Youth Leadership Academy just glowing because she LOVED it sooooo much!  Rotary is such a great organization, and they do a great job investing in our youth.  It was really an amazing experience for Miss O.  Thank you Rotary!

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you have a great week and come back soon!


  1. How COOL Miss A got to attend General Conference. I have never been ... even when I lived up at the U of U student housing and wasn't very far away from the conference center. What a neat experience I bet that was.

    That's CRAZY y'all were without power for 21 hours!!! SUPER SCARY! I'm glad everyone is ok and that you didn't have any damage! ♥

  2. Looks like miss A is really enjoying her college experience which is awesome. I want to try one of those escape rooms. They look like so much fun. Super cool about miss O and the leadership academy too. Than storm you went through sounds crazy and I'm glad you are all ok and enjoying better weather now.