Monday, October 24, 2016

2016 Blue Jeans Week 42

We had a fun week!  Double birthdays with Ben and my dad, I made a barn quilt with some girlfriends, last cross country race of the season, and enjoyed the fall weather.  Take a look at our week. . .
Next week is our yearly primary program which is where the kids ages 3 to 11 speak and sing for our main service.  Mr J was asked to play prelude music for it next week, and he was practicing on the organ for it.  I was impressed!  He played both feet!  Organ playing is very different than piano.  My mom was watching him :)  She was impressed too!

Had an awesome Girls' Day Out and painted some Barn Quilts.  Aren't they cool?  They are meant to go outside.  Once I get mine hung up I will have to post a picture.  I was impressed with everyone's!  So much fun!!!

It wouldn't be Halloween season without making and decorating our pumpkin shaped sugar cookies.  Yum!  They are a big and important and very yummy tradition at our house!

Celebrated my Dad's birthday with his favorite homemade banana cream and coconut cream pies.  Yum!

And real life---it is full of lots of dirty laundry :)  I felt like I was drowning in it today!

And happy birthday to this amazing guy!  He loves to get his picture taken :)  Sure love him!!!

And we had our last cross country race of the season.  The girls got 4th in regionals and only the top 3 teams go to state, but we were happy with that.  We came a long way in the season!  Just Miss O ran in this race.  Miss E was alternate.  It has been a great season!  Now we have 3 weeks off until basketball practice starts :).

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you have a great week!!!


  1. Those barn quits are so cool. I love the colors you picked for yours. They all turned out great. My laundry loads have actually gotten much lighter with Tyler out of the house. I went from 7 loads to 4 but once winter really hits that will change. Loving all the sweet treats for you guys this week.

  2. Oh the laundry!!!! Wow!! I love your barn quilt. Very cute. And wow to Mr J playing both feet?! What the heck?! I just push the coupler button that makes it sound like I'm playing the pedals but I'm not because I can't. HA HA HA!

  3. AWESOME barn quilts. What a FUN idea.
    That's IMPRESSIVE that Mr J played the organ for prelude music before the Primary Program. :)