Tuesday, October 4, 2016

2016 Blue Jeans Week 39

Homecoming week here is always a big deal--parade, football game, dance.  We added a bonfire in there too.  Always a fun week!  Miss A continues to do well.  Lots of homework, but well.  It is finally feeling like fall here, and we are loving it!  Take a look at our week. . .
My photo from Miss A.  Miss A and her roommate hiked to the Y!  A  BYU tradition!

Mr J got to go to the city and attend the symphony with my parents.  Lucky kid!

Half-time performance---Miss O playing the mellophone

Miss E playing the baritone.

Career day at school.  Mr J dressed up as a scientist :) love it!

The cross country meet this week was so much better than last week's 109!  It was only 70 degrees and the girls were loving it!   The girls got first as a team, and Miss E got 2nd in her JV race!  Way to go girls!!!!

Homecoming parade--Miss O and Miss E right in the middle there.  A beautiful day for a parade!

Big bonfire at our house before the homecoming dance.  Hot dogs and smores, can you get better than that?  

The junior girls ready to go to the dance

And the freshman girls ready for their first high school homecoming dance!  Lots of fun!!

Thanks for visiting!  Come back soon!  Have a great week!


  1. I love hearing about all the college traditions each school has. Looks like a great hike and how fun to be going through homecoming week. It was homecoming week for us too. My boys don't get into it too much though except this year Justin heard that he got extra credit for each day he participated in the themed dress up days so he did them all. LOL! He'll do anything for extra credit. Perfect costume for career day Mr J! You can come work in my lab now ;0)

  2. How fun that Mr J got to go to the symphony with your parents! I bet he loved having some one-on-one time with them. He looks super cute dressed up as a scientist.

    That's crazy that the temperature dropped over 30 degrees from the previous week's track meet to this weeks!