Tuesday, June 6, 2017

2017 Blue Jeans Week 22

 Love Memorial Day weekend as we remember and honor those who have served and given so much for us so we can have the freedoms that we do!  Thank you so much to our service men and women and their families!  Have a great weekend and enjoyed the short week.  Miss O and E headed off on a short church youth conference, and we enjoyed slower summer days and the opportunities that brings.  Take a look at our week. . .

We do not live near a cemetery that has any of our family members in it, but we do have a local cemetery that has a wonderful section dedicated to Civil War soldiers that we like to visit every Memorial Day.   

This is a picture my aunt took of my Grandma DeeDee and reminds me what Memorial Day is all about.  She is sitting at the grave of her husband, my Grum, who served in WWII.  Love all the flags.  We love and remember and honor on Memorial Day.  Thank you!  

And we also have fun on Memorial Day!  Went to the lake with some friends--this is Ben and friend having fun tubing on the lake.  Always fun when the dad's get a turn on the tube!

So these long summer days let us have the opportunity to make things we couldn't normally make.  Mr J decided he wanted to make donuts--all by himself!  He researched and found a recipe, and worked all day making them. I only helped a little when we fried them.  They were divine!  Watch out Krispy Kreme!!!

Legos always seems to come out more in the summer too!  Nice to have the extra time to play!  Had some extra little friends over this week and that made playing with the legos extra fun!

These two cute girls got to attend a church youth conference for a few days in Nauvoo, Illinois.  They had a lot of fun.  Their leaders sent me this picture of them all ready to go.  It is funny how often they dress alike

Since Mr J is now 12, he is able to attend the temple with us and do baptisms.  We went Friday night for his first time.  We were missing Miss E and O because they were at youth conference, but we had a wonderful time with Ben, Mr J, and Miss A.  We love to see the temple!

Thanks for visiting!   Hope you all have a great week!!!

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  1. More donuts but this time homemade--yum! and WTG Mr J. That an amazing and powerful picture of your Grandma on Memorial Day and how fun for the girls at the youth conference.