Monday, June 26, 2017

2017 Blue Jeans Week 25

A great week!  So grateful for amazing fathers in our lives!  Ben especially!  Swim meets, t-shirt quilts, stitches out, family temple night and ice cream!  A great week!  Take a look. . .
Happy Father's Day to this amazing father!  Our superhero!  How blessed we are to have him!!

Miss E working hard on her t-shirt quilt.  This is her summer project.  Pretty cool!

For his birthday, we got Mr J the piano music from La La Land.  He is really good at it!  So fun to hear him play the songs.  We all loved the music in that movie.  Fun movie too!

Miss E showing off our front porch swing pillows.  They match our front door and flower pots.  Nice to have some cute color!

And Ben talking out Miss O's stitches in her pinkie from her fall 10 days ago.  Ugh.  Thankfully it healed up well!

Swim meet!  Mr J doing away in the butterfly race!

First time we got to go to the temple as a whole family!!!  Yeah!  

And more weekend fun--ice cream!  One of our family's favorite things!  We let each of the kids choose a flavor and this was what we ended up with. Yum!

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you have a great week!!!

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  1. Me thinks me needs to commission Miss E to do MY T shirt quilt......oy. I can't really figure it out. Oh well. ;)

    And yes, what a glorious day when no family member is left outside of the temple! Fantastic!!!!!

    You'll have to start calling Ben Doctor Ben ;)