Monday, October 12, 2009

Blogging here I come! Sweet!

I have been debating a long time whether or not to do a blog. My stomach is doing flip-flops as I write this--kind of funny, it shouldn't be a big deal, but it feels like a huge plunge! Here I come! I feel I should explain my "Blue Jeans Momma" title and subsiquent subtitle. I am a blue jeans woman--that is my comfort zone--blue jeans, t-shirt, sweatshirt--sweathers are pushing too fancy for me :) Keep it sweet and simple. Most things in my life take this approach--

Cooking usually includes boneless skinless chicken breasts or hamburger (Once I made BBQ spare ribs and my kids about flipped out "What are these? Why did you make these? Where did you get them?" Poor deprived kids), occasionally I branch out and buy pork chops once or twice a year or a roast every few months.

Scrapbooking: simple, simple, simple, get as many pictures on the page as you can and write about them, lots of journaling. I am a big fan of Becky Higgins and her project 365 which is to take one picture every day of the year.

My house: if there isn't a place for it, then throw it away. We take lots of bags to the local thrift store :) Reduce, reuse, recycle

So, I try to keep my life simple and sweet. Life is very sweet. We are so blessed to be alive, to live and breathe, to walk and run, to touch and feel the softness of a kiss or hug, to see the sunsets and read the pages of a book. Sweet has varying degrees--bitter, semi, and milk chocolate. Some are easier to get down than others, and that is how life is too. Some things are easier to digest in life, but they are all sweet. Personally, I am always a milk chocolate sweet kind of girl.
Above is my 365 picture for today. My little one (my baby!) enjoying his sweet life--he has his blanket and a Dr. Seuss book, how can life get any sweeter?


  1. Awesome Jen!, you might want to make this a password protected blog, so only family and friends would have access to this. :)


  2. Yay! I can't wait for little glimpses into your life! Your kids are adorable and I love your simple approach to life. I know I could use a few lessons. Welcome to blogging!

  3. Hello Jen! I am so glad you decided to create a blogspot because it's the only way I can keep up with all of our family spread across this country!
    I love your family pics!
    Nellie.....your favorite aunt!:)

  4. You go girl! I tried the blogging and felt like I ran out of things to say. I quit for awhile thinking I would pick it back up but haven't had the urge yet. :D I do however love to read other people's blogs so I will be checking in frequently. Cathy

  5. welcome to blogging :) I debated on the password protected, fake names for the kids thing and have just kept it the same - don't know maybe I'll change sometime - at least the fake name thing?? It will be fun to keep up on your family!!

  6. Wow! Jennifer! I love your blog. How time flies and how interesting your life has become.
    Miss Harper :-)