Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nauvoo, IL--what a sweet place!

The kids enjoy the hotel pool.
From the front of the temple looking out over the bluff and looking at the Mississippi.

At Carthage Jail where the Prophet Joseph Smith was killed.

Looking over the great Mississippi.

Okay, lots of pictures here, and I haven't quite figured out how to position them, but hope you enjoy. The kids had 2 days off school last week, so we took off Wed. after school and headed up to Nauvoo, IL about 6 1/2 hours away. It is a significant place in the history of our church. Our church was located there from 1839 to 1846. It rivaled Chicago as the biggest city in Illinois at the time with a population of 12,000. It is like a Williamsburg, PA place. You can tour old homes, make rope, dip candles, see how bread was made, how shoes were made, see a black smith, go on carriage and wagon rides. The volunteers, who are older couples called as missionaries from our church, dress in period costume, and they tell all about things and show you all around. There is a temple there which is where my sister Tessa was married a few years ago.

Ben and I got to attend some services there which was wonderful. The fall leaves on the trees were amazing! The town in right on a bend in the Mississippi river, so we got to see the great Mississippi. Lots of fun, and of course, the kids loved the hotel pool!
On a carriage ride. It was kind of cool, but they had lots of blankets for us to use.

Checking out things at the Lyon Drug store. The girls loved all the spices they had.

Miss A showing off some of the fall colors.

Mr J and Miss E make rope.


  1. This is one place Greg and I REALLY want to go. We never seem to live close enough to make it reasonable. But it looks beautiful in your pictures.

  2. OK, so you're in a big fat lot of trouble for not telling us you came to Nauvoo! It's only two hours away from us. We could have totally hooked up there. Now you have to come here for a spanking!