Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hanging Pumpkins and sweet fishing line

Have you ever just found something and you think, "Wow, this is just sweet! How did I ever function without this?" That is what I thought when I discovered fishing line. It is an item we love at our house. It is super cheap, and you get a ton! It has many uses, but our favorite is to use it to hang things in our entryway leading into our living room. A couple years ago, Ben and I were decorating for Christmas, and we thought, hey wouldn't it look really cool to have big ornaments hanging down? How could we do that? What could we use? We discovered fishing line. I know it is not an original idea. I have seen similar things other places. Others have discovered the joy of fishing line too. Since then we have tried to hang different things according to holidays. Our kids really like this. At Easter we use longer pieces and attach several plastic eggs to each strand. Last Halloween we did spiders, but for some reason they all disappeared this year. For Thanksgiving, I hung pumpkins, and since my spiders disappeared, today Mr. J and I hung pumpkins because I figured they could work for Halloween and Thanksgiving--multi-tasking pumpkins here. Then at Christmas we hang big ornaments. I have been thinking in January I should do snowflakes, and February hearts, but didn't get that far this year. Maybe next year. I will let you know. So, I hope there is something small and simple in your life that makes it easier and happier. It is always the small and simple things that make life so sweet, ya know, like fishing line.


  1. Great idea Jen - but I have to admit some of those pumpkins look too large for simple fishing line. It this a trick of the eye - tell us your secret...

  2. Trick of the eye. They are really not that big, only 3-6 inches tall, and they are hollow, so really light, but fishing line is pretty strong because the ornaments we hang are big and bulky.