Monday, October 19, 2009

Fun weekend

My grandparents drove 1150 miles to see us this weekend. What fun we had after a rough start! My grandma fell right after she got here and dislocated her shoulder and spent 3 hours in the emergency room. Not how we wanted to spend the visit, but they were able to get the shoulder back in place, and she got some pain medicine, and seemed to be able to enjoy the rest of the visit. Thank goodness! She had her arm in a sling the whole time, and my mom drove back with them to make sure all will be well back home. Oh, my. You just never know what will happen. I feel very blessed, though, that my kids know their great-grandparents so well. They are blessed to know them and love them. My grandparents always like to come this time of year because it is our town's Farm City Days celebration with a big parade. This parade gives out more candy than you can believe! My kids came home loaded! It was really cold this year, but at least it didn't rain! We were all bundled up to watch the parade. My mom, Mr. J, Ben, Miss A, my dad behind her, Miss O, DeeDee and Grum, and Miss E has her hood on and is turned to the side. And of course, no visit would be complete without going to the chocolate factory! Miss A--my 11 year old, and her great-grandma DeeDee. What a blessing family is!

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