Saturday, May 8, 2010

Alive and kicking and Happy Mother's Day!

Yes, we are still alive at our house. It has been a very busy week--2 birthdays, 3 skunks, 1 field trip, wonderful in-laws visiting, 1 baptism, 47 flowers, and lots of other things, but all is well, and I will share lots of photos this next week after I collapse and sleep all day tomorrow--isn't that acceptable for a mother on Mother's Day???? Works well for me. Just wanted to wish all you wonderful Mothers' a very Happy Mother's Day! Hope you enjoy it! I am so very grateful for the wonderful women in my life--mother, grandmothers, mother-in-law, aunts, sisters, sisters-in-laws, and of course friends. What an amazing blessing you are! Love you all!

1 comment:

  1. Yes - I totally agree with the sleeping on Mothers Day - though I wish the church would come out with some "free pass" for moms with an EARLY church time. Mothers Day (aka breakfast in bed) and early church time does NOT go well together...