Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy 10th Birthday Miss O!

We celebrated a 10th birthday here this past week. . .
Per tradition, Ben and Miss O decorated her cake the night before.
Blowing out candles and opening presents. She got her new Harry Potter shirt that morning so she could wear it to school. Harry Potter is one of her favorite things.

She got a big ball from Miss A

Miss E made and painted her a cute ceramic bunny.

And Mr J got her a cool soccer shirt.

And thank you Nana and Grandpa for the 39 Clues books. She loves those! We love Miss O and are so grateful she is a part of our family. She is such a good helper and big sister. She helps make our home a very happy place! Love you Miss O!

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  1. I see a theme with Miss A. Giving over-sized balls to her sisters :) And Mr. J giving cool shirts. Very fun!