Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some random sweetness

Just some random (my 12 year old uses that word all the time!) sweetness from around our house lately. . .
Random sweet #1: Saturday night Ben and I picked these from our own back yard!!! We put in 50 strawberry plants 3 years ago, and they are really producing this year. Don't they look yummy? I think the 3rd year is the beginning of good things with fruit because last year was the 3rd year for our blackberry bushes, and we got tons! Next year will be the 3rd year for our raspberries, so I hope they will be good next year! 3rd years the charm, right? So we had yummy strawberry crepes for dinner tonight. So sweet!
Random sweet #2: A great big thank you to the Parker family for sending out this awesome train with Grandma and Grandpa to my Mr J, who if you didn't already know is a major train fan!!! He loves, loves, loves it!!! Rides it every. single. day. It is in the backyard in our summer house, and it fits perfect there. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Parkers!

Random sweet #3: My kids have 5 days of school left

Random sweet #4: We leave for our big 2 week back East trip in 6 days!!! We are super excited! We will be in Washington DC, and in upper Pennsylvania (Erie), NY (Niagara Falls, Palmyra, etc) so if you have any suggestions, words of wisdom, don't do's or don't misses for traveling in that area, please leave a comment and share your knowledge! Thanks! Hope that you are having some random sweetness in your neck of the woods too!


  1. That's funny. My boys use random and awkward a lot. Kids!
    Thanks for sharing the sweetness. Have a fabulous trip!

  2. Wish we had strawberries, love the train and jealous of your AMAZING trip planned! Hope you guys have tons of fun.

  3. The strawberries look fantastic!

    Oh Jen - I'm so jealous you are going to Palmyra... One of my most favorite places on this earth. I LOVE the Sacred Grove. My kids, Greg - we just wandered all over that place on a Sunday afternoon and I'll never forget it. My advice - dont rush your day in Palmyra - I know there's tons to see and do - but take it slow and savor the environment. And when you get to the edge of the grove (it's before you turn back to the main road and if the leaves are not blocking your view) - look further back - WAY back - beyond the initial Grove (areas beyond the path). Way, way back there is where I whole-heartedly believe the 1st vision happened. I don't think it happened at all along the beaten path you walk through. No way - the leaves were not out yet in April or early May. It's still too cold. Joseph would have wanted privacy from his house. So he would have walked a bit - where he wouldn't have been interupted. So scout your eyes beyond the Grove and you'll see what I mean. It's this kind of realistic historical stuff that drives me wild! :)