Thursday, May 13, 2010

Miss E gets baptized

As mentioned before, we had an 8th birthday last week which is a big deal in our church. When you turn 8 you can be baptized into the church, become an official member and receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Miss E decided she wanted to be baptized, and we were very happy with her decision. We had a wonderful weekend with family, and it was so nice to have Ben's parents here, especially to have his mom here on Mother's Day. My kids were extra lucky to have both their grandmas here on Mother's day. Family is such a blessing!
Miss E was baptized by Ben, which was really neat. Here they are all ready to go in and get wet!
Mr J was pretty proud of his big sister, and she was pretty excited too.

Everyone together after the baptism. What a blessing to have everyone there. Love Mr J's expression.
Me and my girl. So proud of her.
My Ben and my girl. My dad gave a talk on baptism at the service, and he talked about this picture and how Miss E represented Jesus, and Ben represented John the Baptist because Ben holds the same power and authority to baptize as John the Baptist does. It was a great talk. Thank you Dad! Way to go Miss E! We are proud of you and love you tons!


  1. Wow! They grow up so quickly! What a great day for all of you. She looks so lovely in her white dress. Way to go!

  2. What a wonderful day!! I'm looking forward to our first experience with a baptism next year :)

  3. Jen, it's so fun to see Ella and her baptism pics. She is beautiful. You must be so proud. It was fun to see all your updated blog entries. We don't get done with school until June 4th. Counting Down!