Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of School

Well, we survived the first day of school. Mr J was a little bit nervous as I drove him this morning. "Can you come in and stay for a little while Mom?" No, I can't. "Why not Mom?" "I am a little bit nervous Mom." Then we got there and he kept whispering "Where am I supposed to stand?" But we figured it all out. Ben and I gave him a big hug and kiss and told him to remember his Kissing Hand (read the book The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn before you send your kids to school this year) then I cried as I walked out, but Mr J seemed happy and didn't even turn back after I kissed him and said good-bye, but I keep looking back to see if he was missing me already and looking for me, but he wasn't. My baby is at school all day now!
Here he is all ready to go--all themed outfit, shoes, back pack, and lunch box. The kid is coordinated.
Trains and Thomas, Thomas and trains. The kid is very consistent. Love the lunchbox.

Miss E all ready for her first day of 3rd grade! She wanted to wear her shirt from our trip.
And Miss O is a big 5th grader! The oldest in the elementary.

Miss A is an even bigger 7th grader and didn't have to go back to school today. Her first day is tomorrow because they let just the 6th graders have a day all to themselves without the big, scary 7th and 8th graders there. So she just got her locker decorated. Fun Stuff. She hung out with me all day and was a huge helper as we tried to figure out how to make crafts for Super Saturday. So, when we went to school to pick up the kids I was waiting outside the kindergarten door, and Mr J walks out behind his teacher, and I wave to him. He gets a big smile on his face and runs right up to me and says "I missed you so much!!!" as he gives me a big hug. Oh!! Make my heart melt and almost cry again! I said "I missed you so much too!" A great ending to a happy first day.


  1. I dread the first day of school. It's the saddest day of the whole year. The trick it to not let your kids know that. I'm still working on it. I'll have to read that book!

  2. Special children with a very special Momma.... :D Thinking of all of you!

  3. My miss M started her first day of first grade similarly - only remove "Thomas" and "Trains" and insert "Hello" and "Kitty" (she's a little obsessive in that way!)

  4. I was so excited for each of my kids when they went to kindergarten. What a milestone! They were all so ready to go, but I cried every time! You're kids are so darling! Those 7th grade lockers look really cool. I love the extra little shelf they have.