Saturday, August 28, 2010

This weekend

Busy, but fun weekend. We started off on a good note. Miss A had a great week at school, and she went out for the volleyball team. They have an "A" Team and a "B" team, but they had so many girls go out, that they ended up with one "A" team and 3 "B" teams. An advantage of going to a small school--everyone who goes out for sports gets to play. No one is "cut." The coach told them on Friday which team they got on. Miss A was so happy and excited that she made the "A" team!!!! Way to go! We are excited. Her first game is next Thursday. Yeah! Then our weather has cooled down a lot, and the kids have been begging all summer to have Ben put the tent up in the backyard so they could sleep out, but who wants to sleep out in 100 degrees with 90% humidity? Yuck! So this weekend was a very respectable 85 with low humidity, so Ben set the tent up.
We roasted marshmallows around the fire pit, had s'mores, then played games and read books in the tent. The evening was nice and cool, and the stars were beautiful. Lots of fun.
My book came Friday! Miss A has already finished it, but I don't want to know her opinion yet because then I will know what happens! ;) Hopefully I can finish it this weekend otherwise Ben and I will be fighting over it :)
Remember my spring picture of my apple blossoms? Well they have turned into these. . .

And so we are making apple sauce this weekend.

Peeling, coring, slicing. This is the best machine invented!

Ta-da! Yum! We are canning it so we will have lots to last us through the winter. Turning out to be a good weekend! Hope yours is too!


  1. are you done with the book now??? can you tell I'm DYING to discuss this book without spoiling it for someone?

  2. That apple sauce looks delicious! How fun to have grown your own apples!

  3. I can't wait to read that book! What a fun weekend you had. Your applesauce looks so good! How cool to have grown them yourselves. It gives me so appreciation for the whole process!

  4. I love homemade applesauce! I'm working on peaches this weekend.

    And the book - yes - Greg just finished it. I need to read book #2 and then I'll finish the 3rd. I couldn't take reading the second book and then having to wait for the 3rd release. My nerves just can't take the suspense :)