Sunday, August 22, 2010

Miss A's First Day

Well Miss A gets her own post since she started school a day later than everyone else. Here she is ready for her first day of 7th grade! Unfortunately, it turned out to be a rough one. Her schedule was changed in the middle of the school day and teachers didn't know and things got confusing, teachers frustrated, and Miss A really upset. She isn't too excited about going back tomorrow, and it is only the 2nd day! But I keep reminding her it wasn't her fault and things will work out okay. Life goes on. This too shall pass. It is not that big of a deal. Look at the big picture, and all those other nice useful things we say when things go wrong. I just felt really bad it wasn't a great day, but now we can just go up from here right??? Anyway, she is super cute and the best girl. I love her to death! She is such a blessing in my life.
She made the cute green flower clip herself with me Thursday when we were just hanging out while the other kids were at school. She said she got lots of compliments on it. Super cute! Just hope this next week goes well! Life as a 7th grader is not always the easiest thing.


  1. Oh I love her hair clip! Hope this week goes much better for her.

  2. I know what you mean about frustrating. Carly got lost and missed the bus on her first day of kindergarten. I had to go pick her up and she was the only kid left in the school yard. It made me so sad when I drove up and she was the only one left to be picked up. Only up from here...

  3. Junior High is hard. I hope it goes well the rest of the week!