Monday, September 20, 2010

Another week in pictures

I think the easiest way to tell what we have been up to this past week is to show you my pictures from each day.  Hope you enjoy!

I had 2 design projects due this morning.  One was to show flat space (no depth) and formal design.  I was working on that one here last week.  The other was to show deep space and informal design.  I got them critiqued this morning and got an A- on both. Yeah!  Thanks Dad :)
What do we do after school here?  Eat popcorn.  I always try to have a bowl of popcorn ready to go when the kids come in the door.  I buy it in bulk from Costco because we go through lots of popcorn at our house.  Our fave?  Orville Redenbacher's Smart Pop 94% fat free butter. 

This made me laugh.  Mr J had to run errands with me one day after school.  We were taxing his sisters all over the place, and we have this lap harp thing.  It was actually mine and my siblings growing up (lucky me ended up with it--benefits of being the oldest and living by mom and dad).  Anyway, Mr J really likes to play it, so when I told him we had to go he asked if he could bring the lap harp in the car.  I said fine as long as it stayed in the car.  He just played and played song after song as we drove around.  I actually was driving while I took this picture.  I didn't look in the camera, I just sort of angled my camera back toward him and took several shots.  I got several of the floor and head rest, but luckily got one pretty good one of him.  I would not recommend this to others--please don't shoot and drive :)  And now my friends will be extra careful when they see me driving around town. . .

Evidence of a little boy. . .this is what I found at the bottom of my stairs one morning this week. 

Saturday we had a family reading festival in our town.  We had 16 different authors visiting.  It was an amazing thing.  I was on the planning committee, and believe me it took a lot of planning!  Here I am with one of the authors I got to introduce.  Laura Manivong.  She has written Escaping the Tiger

This was Sunday's picture.  The kids had a visiting storyteller come to school 2 weeks ago.  I visited with her at the library, and then I assumed she had gone home.  She is from back east, but then I saw her at the reading festival Saturday, and I said, "You are still here?"  Yes, she was spending 3 1/2 weeks at the local motel visiting all the schools in the area.  I said, please come and have a home cooked meal, so we had a wonderful dinner with her, and the kids had to show her everything--all their toys, rooms, books they are reading, and, of course, our chickens.  I am sure she will have some more good stories to tell after her dinner here.  It was a delight to have her.
Breakfast time, hurry, hurry!!  This was my picture from today.  I got a snapshot of all the kids at the breakfast table before school eating their cereal--I think it was cheerios and frosted shredded wheat this morning. Yum!


  1. My wait, I lie...ALL my kids are so much like your little guy. They leave EVERYTHING on the stairs. I have to remember to walk carefully and slowly every time I descend.

    And how awesome of you to have the storytelling visitor to dinner. Your cooking plus family must have made her feel so welcome.

  2. believe it or not I had a BEAR of a time finding a little harp like that for my daughter last Christmas... I just love the way it sounds nice without practice :)

  3. I love it. Makes me smile. Now put that camera away and DRIVE you crazy lady! :)