Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fun treat

We love rice krispie treats at our house. They are a favorite. They don't last very long either--like 2 hours max if everyone is home. I am also a huge s'mores fan, so I was excited when I found these new marshmallows at the store. Have you seen them?
They are chocolate and vanilla swirled marshmallows. Yummy right out of the bag, great in rice krispie treats, and great on s'mores too, you know, chocolate makes anything better, why not a mashmallow? Yum!


  1. I seem to be having some type of extreme memory moment here from my Freshman year at BYU and you with rice krispy treats. I can't really pinpoint the exact details. But I remember you were there, and you loved rice krispies :)

    PS - Have you seen those gigantic, monstrous sized marshmallows? We call them "fluffy puff marsmallows" after Homestar Runner...