Monday, September 6, 2010

A week in pictures

I like to scrapbook. I am not a fancy, over-the-top scrapbooker that does totally ornate designs and page layouts. I think those are awesome and the people that do them amazing, but with 4 kids that just isn't feasible if I want to get their scrapbooks done before I turn 105, so I take a much more simple approach. About a year and a half ago I heard about Becky Higgins who is an amazingly talented scrapbooker, and she was coming out with a kit called 365. The idea was that you take one picture, just one, every day of the year. Thus at the end of the year you have an album with 365 pictures in it ready to go. It was a premade kit with page protectors designed to hold a week in each layout with cute journaling cards for each day. See above. I was lucky enough to get one and did 365 last year. Becky changed companies and came out with Project Life this year, which is basically the same idea. So I take one picture a day to represent my life, and then put them in the album. I love it. So easy, and my kids love looking through the album with the pictures of current things. So I wanted to share my pictures of the day for this last week.
This is today's. We are laboring hard on Playmobil toys today. We are huge playmobil fans at our house. Starting in the lower left and going clockwise we have the castle, the pink and purple princess fairytale set, garden, truck, seals at the zoo, the zoo, the pirates and their ship, and then a tree house. Today we decided we were going to get them all out and play Playmobil world and go through pieces and make sure the right pieces were in the right places because sometimes (often) they get mixed up. Does that ever happen at your house, things get mixed up and in the wrong place? Never, ever happens here either :)

Sunday: Mr J got his first official suit. All ready for church. During the service he kept moving around then straightening his suit and asking "Did I mess it up mom?" He went out the door saying "I look just like dad!" Love it!

Game on! Miss A had her first volleyball game. She was set and ready to go. In one game she served and made 10 points. Way to go girl!

People keep asking me what I am doing all day with the kids gone. I decided I was going to go through every drawer, closet, and room in the house and de-clutter. We have way too much junk! So this is what I was getting rid of this day. It is nice to do it during the day when everyone is gone so no one can say "Hey, that is mine, don't get rid of that." When I sneak it out they never even know it is gone :)
Miss O had some friends over this past week. They did each other's hair. Very creative and lovely :)

Jamming with dad. Miss O and Ben are getting pretty good at playing their guitars together.

For Christmas Miss O got one of those Knex roller coaster sets. We put it up at Christmas, but then it came down. She got it out again this past week and had races. These aren't real "exciting" things, but they are part of our lives, and I love being able to capture them and share. Hope you enjoy!


  1. we have that same Playmobil pirate set (I love me Playmobil... grew up playing with the stuff!) and unfortunately it looks like it might be going out the door in one of those sneaky bags... my kids just don't play with it much... but for now it's hiding nicely on the top shelf where hopefully ManOfTheHouse won't notice it has escaped my house binge!

  2. This was so fun Jen! What a great idea to share them on your blog as well. We are also huge Playmobil fans at our house. I once hit the jackpot and found 12 complete sets at a garage sale for only $50! We tried and tried so many ways of organizing them. I finally just gave up and threw it all into one big bin!

  3. just bought her project life - thinking it will be so much easier instead of being so sad that my scrapbooking is far behind!! :)

  4. I love the scrapbooking. I do not scrapbook, but one of my very good friends is best friends with Becky Higgins and has been telling me about her for years. My friend makes amazing scrapbooks. I'm just happy to keep up on my blog and hope my kids will understand. You just can't do it all!

  5. I really like those journal cards in the middle. Hmmm...wonder if I can work those into my scrapbooking pages somehow. There's no way I could do 1 picture per day - but I understand the load impatience. Lately I've been keeping all scrapbooks to 4 pages per year - 1 for holiday, 1 for school, 1 for summer, and 1 for vacations. That seems to cover it. Unless we hit someting special - which we ALWAYS do :) And then we have to add another page...

    And love the cleaning progress. Yes - you are totally right. Get the stuff out of the house while the kids are away. They never notice.