Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blue Jeans Week 33

It is finally beginning to feel like fall here this past week.  I love fall.  School is in full swing.  Life is good.  I love my quiet days, love them, and we are all adjusting to the crazy busy nights and weekends of having a family of 4 active, growing kids.   So here is our week. . .
Sunday:  In trying to force the weather into what we wanted (fall type weather, not 106 which it was 2 days before this picture) we bought a pumpkin pie at Costco on Saturday and had it for our Sunday evening dessert.  Sunday evening desserts are a tradition at our house--not to say we don't have dessert other days.  Some days we do and others we don't,  but you can count on Sunday evening desserts--those are a constant.  So tonight we loved our pumpkin pie from Costco.  If you haven't ever tried their pumpkin pies, I would highly recommend them.  I can't make anything near that good--so yummy!  Miss E is cutting it for us with her crazy wild just-out-of-the-shower hair.

Monday:  It was purse switching day.  I have loved my pink and brown one, but it is getting a bit worn, so I cleaned it out and moved to the green and brown one.  Look at all that junk in my purse--my, oh my. . . good thing I cleaned it out, found some treasures :)

Tuesday:  Before bed tonight we played Outburst which is a classic.  We have the travel edition.  Miss A was marking off for Ben and Miss O.  One of the lists it had was "Goldie Hawn movies," and Miss A and Miss O both said, "Huh?  Who in the heck is that?"  So we passed on that one.  Kind of dates the game, and Ben and I couldn't even name one.  I guess we aren't Goldie Hawn fans here, but we are Outburst fans.  
Wednesday:  Miss O making some cookies.  It has finally cooled down enough to actually want to turn on the oven to make cookies :)

Thursday:  Volleyball begins!  Miss A had her first game today.  So fun!  She did great!  Love her socks, too :)

Friday:  After a long week, this is how I play checkers :)  Mr J is pretty good, and we had a nice relaxing evening playing games.

Saturday:  The kids have asked and asked to spend the night on the trampoline all summer, but it has either been way too hot, or chance of rain or something.  Well, all the stars aligned tonight, and they headed out.  Ben and I were taking bets on if they would stay out all night, because it was actually cold--50 degrees, and after 106, that is definitely artic weather.   So, Miss A came in around 3 a.m.  Miss O and Mr J came in around 5 a.m., and Miss E won the prize and actually slept out there all night and came in at 8 a.m.  I was impressed.  I don't think any of them were too overly excited about doing it again, but we shall see when and if the stars all align right they might do it again.

Hope you all have had a great week!  Have you seen the new Project Life kits??? Oh. my.  Talk about eye candy.  I am thinking the Cobalt is the one for me next year. 

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