Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blue Jeans Week 36

A busy week this week--we had 3 volleyballs games, and, for one week, that is a little too much.  Thankfully the season is now over, and we can all catch our breathe and stay home more :)  Here is what else be have been doing (besides going to volleyball games)
Sunday:  My sister was in town and came over Sunday afternoon to make bread with the kids.  She is the gourmet of the family, and we got to eat their yummy creations--nothing beats homemade bread--YUM!

Monday:  This was our meet-the-famous-author-day.  New York Times Bestselling author Brandon Mull (of Fablehaven and Beyonders fame) was in our small town, and we had him over for dinner.  Awesome, awesome guy.  The kids loved him.

Tuesday:  This was my major headache day because they started replacing our roof and the pounding gave me a huge headache.  The old roof is brown--the new is dark grey.  I was so glad when they cleaned up, left, and my Tylenol kicked in!

Wednesday:  This is my day to volunteer at the elementary schools.  I am there first thing in the morning in Miss E's class, and I love being there when they say the flag salute.  I haven't said that in a long time, and it was fun to see the kids do it and hear it echo down the halls as all the classes do it. 

Thursday:  One of our 3 volleyball games this week.  This is Mr J, #12 is a friend, and Miss E in blue watching Miss A play.  She did a great job, and those 3 are really good at cheering.

Friday:  Our elementary school carnival was tonight.  Being on the PTO, it is always tons of work, but the kids love it, and we had a great turn out.  The kids got tickets at the little games--pop toss, duck pond, bean bag toss, etc and then they could exchange their tickets for prizes.  Mr J and Miss E combined their tickets and got this movie, and they were so excited!!!  Love Mr J's eyes--they are so expressive.

Saturday:  People in big cities complain about traffic.  This is traffic in my neck of the woods.  I got stuck behind Mr Tractor on the way home from town today, and there were about 10 cars behind me.  This is our kind of traffic jam. 

Hope you are all getting some good, cooler fall weather.  I am ready to hang my pumpkins up.  Happy fall and have a good week!


  1. Love your "escapades". Just reminds me of a time... and now I think, "where did it go?"... even after having "bleacher butt" Have a great week!

  2. How fun that you had your sister out for a visit. Our roof replacement was so loud as well. Plus I felt like it was always so crazy trying to walk out the front door with debris falling everywhere. We are still finding nails.