Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blue Jeans Week 35

A week to remember. . .
Sunday:  This is one of my favorite of the thousands of images from the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  I think the memorial is beautiful.  I went to NYC  as a teen and went in and ate in the basement of one of the Twin Towers.  I would like to go back now and see it again.  It is so important to remember.

Monday:  We have a big garden 50' x 50' and we planted over 24 tomato plants and none of those plants are dead, but we have not seen a single tomato yet either, but we have had a huge harvest of zucchini and yellow squash.  We can never get sick of zucchini, but I think my family has had their fill of yellow squash.  Miss O chops some up for dinner.

Tuesday:  Over 2 months ago in July, before we left on vacation, we had a strong storm, and it blew some shingles off.  Ben hurried and bought a tarp to cover the part of the roof that was bare, and we left on vacation hoping for no rain.  Well, waiting on insurance and contractors we have had this lovely blue roof now for over 2 months, and finally this week we are getting a new roof and getting rid of the blue tarp.  Thank heavens this was on the back of the house :)

Wednesday:  Homework, homework, homework is a constant thing at my house "Did you get your homework done?"  is probably the most common question asked after "Did you practice your piano?"  and "Did you clean your room?"  Miss A is quite comfortable doing her homework on the floor.

Thursday:  I snap pictures all the time, all the time, and my kids are used to it and just ignore me.  Ben is not so used to it :)  Gosh, I love that cute boy.  Today he was helping Mr J with his piano.     
Friday:  I actually worked and got paid for my work today--first time in almost 14 years :)  Being a stay-at-home mom is the best job in the world, but the monetary pay isn't so good :).  My mom is the librarain at my kids' elementary school, and today she had to be gone and her para also had to be gone, so she begged me to come work for her that day in the library.  Little did I know the paperwork and hoops I would have to jump through to help out my mom for 7 hours.  I had to get a TB test done and a drug test.  I thought--serioursly?  Oh my, but I had a fun day at the school library.  I checked out 186 books and shelved about that many.  I got to check out books to this cute little guy too--it was fun seeing Mr J and Miss E at school.
Saturday:  This is one of the big trees in our front yard.  The kids love to play in it and under it and around it.  It has a tree swing in it.  We were so sad to find out that the power company is putting in a new powerline down our street, and it looks like our trees are going to have to be cut down.  We are so sad and just sick about it.  Makes me want to cry.  Of course they say they will pay us for it, but how do you appraise the value of a tree?  I love trees.


  1. That is just terrible about your trees! Surely there is something else they could do. Their value? How about the number of years required to grow such nice ones off your utility bill? : ) Darn! So glad you have all your children taking piano and practicing!! That's a hard job and one almost nobody does anymore. Good for you!

  2. I am so sad about your trees too! Tire swing and all! It is such a pretty tree!

    You look like a pro working in the Library. I used to play like I was a librarian when I was little. My mom still has books of ours where we had glued fake library checkout cards.

    I am loving hearing about your garden. We should have gotten together. I had tons of tomatoes, initially, and only a small handful of summer squash, and zero zucchini.

  3. I so remember asking those same three questions, sometimes I think I should still be asking them! HA Sorry about your tree... reminds me of Lisa Lowers experience ... Hope you do get to replace them, even though not the same! Have a great week!

  4. Doesn't that memorial look amazingly huge? I cannot wait to go back and see it.

    I'm so sorry about your roof - and upset the insurance company took forever getting back to you.

    Plus - love your tree in your yard. What a great family tree to have.

  5. I love your garden! That zucchini and squash look delicious. And I'm so glad you passed your drug test to work at the library! :)