Sunday, September 25, 2011

Our trees

So as I mentioned in my last post, the power company is putting in a new power line down our street--a transmitter line that goes through the country where we live and then weaves its way into the town to provide them with their energy.  Now, I have no problem with energy, power lines, and power companies--besides the fact we need to conserve more and use less, but I will be the first to admit that I love my A/C, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer, computer and lights to just name a few, but I love my trees too!

They are telling us that the new poles will be 5 feet closer to the house than the existing one and that these 2 trees have to go.  These trees are not in their current eastment/right of way, so they want to buy a bigger easement/right of way, and then the trees will be in it, and "company policy" is no trees allowed in the easement/right of way.  We are not happy about it, but I don't know that we have much choice. 
Of course they have to pay us for the land and trees.  They had the trees appraised and offered us what they are worth--and, again, how do you appraise the value of a tree???  How do you appraise the shade they provide?  The swing in them?  The climbing in them my kids do daily?  The blocking of the house from the road, the privacy they provide?  and we aren't even scratching the surface of the environment aspect of the trees--the oxygen, the bird's nests,--I mean how do you appraise that??  We have gone back and forth and back and forth with the company over the last 2 months trying to come up with a compromise to keep our trees, but I have to admit the company is not very easy to work with and has rejected everything we come up with.  I think we are to the point where we either accept it or go to court and be forced to accept it.  Neither sounds good to me.  Historically and legally utilities are given the right of way.  Not fair, but we all like our modern conveniences, and so do I, but can't we still have them and keep my trees??


  1. Have you contacted the "Tree board"... I think Mrs. Shirley is on it or the head of it?? Just an idea... :(

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your trees - they are beautiful and must provide much-needed shade.