Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2012 Blue Jeans Week 27

We were still on our mini-vacation this week in Branson, so photos for the week wrap it up there and then home for the 4th.  
Our friends have a 15 passenger van, and Sunday Ben and I took all the kids (9 total) to church in our friends' van.  (our friends had to be to church early for meetings) I made Ben drive :)  After driving around in the huge van my kids were convinced we needed to buy one, but I wasn't :)

Silver Dollar City and Mr J's favorite ride--the swings--he went on it several times.

Silver Dollar City was fun!

Went to eat at Lambert's the home of the famous throwed rolls, and my those rolls are good!  These kids had fun.

And these kids had even more fun, I swear between the two of them they caught and downed about a dozen rolls :)

Home and getting ready for the 4th and our BBQ.  We made these cool layered patriotic drinks that I saw on my favorite food blog Mel's Kitchen Cafe.  It is so awesome when things actually work like they are supposed to.  Everyone at the BBQ was very impressed with our drinks.  Thanks Mel!

Have I mentioned before that I love Mel's Kitchen Cafe?  We made her patriotic brownie kebabs for our BBQ dessert.  They were a big hit and very easy--I like things like that--yummy and easy.  Miss O was my big helper.

Miss O and Miss E have been into making friendship bracelets lately.  We have to think of things to do inside since it is way too hot to be outside.  I remember making lots of friendship bracelets in my day--a classic.

Thanks for visiting and have a great week as we pray for rain and cooler temperatures here this week.


  1. Yay friendship bracelets! I saw a girl at the pool the other day making one. Brought back great memories...
    I like Mel's cafe too, but haven't looked at it lately! I better because all your fixins look yummo!!!!

  2. Wow! Looks like lots of fun. Mel's kitchen cafe has become my new favorite food blog as well. If you like peanut butter, you should try her magic in the middle cookies. Just tried those on Sunday and they were delicious!

  3. Great van picture and cool layered drink. Looks like a fun and productive week. We're supposed to hit 108 today and we're going camping this weekend. It's going to be too hot for that. Staying inside sounds like a better plan.

  4. I love Mel's blog! So many good ideas when I'm feeling tired of making meals.

    I'm with you - I think the van would be nice on a temporary basis only :)

    PS - your daughters are beautiful, Jen!