Monday, July 30, 2012

2012 Blue Jeans Week 30

And the countdown begins--2 weeks and 2 days until school starts, but who's counting? (um, me!)  We still have had unbelievable heat here.  It doesn't look like it is letting up anytime soon, and I so wish it would.  Miss A has started practice for high school cross country.  Miss O is busy working on smoothie recipes for her cookbook.  Miss E has a school music drumming circle camp this week, and Mr J is having fun commentating on the Olympics, "oh, that dive was just horrendous!" (exact quote from my 7 year old)  Too much fun!  Here are some shots from our week. . .
Sunday:  The past few weeks on Sunday evening we have enjoyed watching an episode of Anne of Green Gables.  What a classic, and having them in VHS is very classic (i.e. old).  I was worried our VCR wouldn't work to show them, but thankfully it did.  I may have to put these my Christmas list this year to get in DVD.  Good stuff.

Monday:  We got a fun care package from Ben's parents today.  Getting packages in the mail is always way fun!  Thank you Grandpa and Grandma!

Tuesday:  Miss E is getting glasses!  I suspected as much when she came home from school the last day and said, "Mom, I had a hard time seeing the board today."  The eye Dr confirmed my suspicions, and today she picked out these cute frames.  They will be ready to go by school time, and the good thing is she is excited about her glasses--yeah!  She looks cute in them.

Wednesday:  Hit Wal-mart today.  The school lists were out, and Mr J was very meticulously checking his list as we got all his school supplies. 

Thursday:  Today was my mom's 60th birthday.  All the family got together and compiled a list of "60 reasons why we love Nana!"  It wasn't hard to come up with that many, she is awesome!  Love you Mom!  Happy Birthday!

Friday:  My kids go through craft stages.  This summer they have been the friendship bracelets and then colored duck tape projects.  Miss O can make anything out of duck tape, and they have the coolest colors to make things in now.  Duck tape wallets have been her projects lately.  These are just a few she has made.

Saturday:  Every 3 months our family is in charge of cleaning our church building.  Today was our day.  Miss O and Mr J work hard on making the doors and windows nice and clean.  They are good workers.

Thanks for visiting and hope you all have a great week!!

Chic Homeschool Mama


  1. No- I'm refusing to buy school supplies just yet. Ugh! So not ready. Looks like a really fun week. I want a care package in the mail ;0) Great idea for grandma's birthday gift--what a cool book for her to have. Enjoy the Olympics.

  2. I think that is great that they help with the church. What great kids!

  3. Awh... wish we could have participated with you in your movie marathon. And unfortunately, I still have the VHS tapes as well. Oh - and I'm totally counting down - absolutely. 2 weeks from Monday - yay!

  4. I can't believe you guys start school so soon! Where did the summer go?! My mom turns 60 this year--may have to steal your idea. :-)