Tuesday, July 17, 2012

2012 Blue Jeans Week 28

Thanks for visiting Blue Jeans Momma.  It has been so hot here that it is not fun to be outside at all.  We have had to be creative and do things inside.  Extreme winter and extreme summer are not too different in that respect.  Here is our week. . .
Sunday:  We did finally get a little bit of rain and had a pretty rainbow at the end.  

Monday:  Indoor fun--oh the things you can do with blankets--blanket forts are our favorites.

Tuesday:  Miss O is working on making her own cookbook of family favorite recipes to take to college (yes she is only 12, but she is a planner), so she is making by herself every recipe she puts in.  Today she tried homemade wheat bread.  It was delicious!  Way to go Miss O!

Wednesday:  Mr J and Miss E are attending a daily kids' summer activities camp this week in the mornings.  Today they learned how to make rag rugs, and Mr J was showing me how to do it when he got home today.  His ended up more like a rag bowl than a rug, but that is okay.  Still cool :)

Thursday:  My previous post talks about our summer garden and how we did it a little different this year, and the results are very good.  Check it out.  Miss O is very proud of her harvest today.

Friday:  One of those way-too-hot-to-be-outside days, so we played with magnets inside.  Mr J likes to make the little triangles spin.  It seems like the kids have lots of toys we never play with, so on 'inside' days it is nice to hunt through and play with things that we haven't in a while.

Saturday:  Make my day--this note was on my nightstand this evening when I went to bed.  It was from Mr J.  I smiled as I went to sleep that night.

Thanks for visiting and hope you have a great week!!!

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  1. That's great about your daughter and her cookbook. We are doing the same with our 13 yr old son. I love seeing kids in the kitchen. Your garden is doing so well. We only have tomatoes planted and so far one plant is doing ok and the other not so much. *sigh*