Monday, November 5, 2012

2012 Blue Jeans Week 44

We had a fun and busy week, as I am sure all of you did, with Halloween.  My previous post was all about our Halloween, so check it out.  Here are our weekly pictures.  Enjoy!

Sunday:  For some reason Mr J has been begging and begging me to make an apple pie.  Finally today we got around to doing it.  He was a huge helper, and having an apple peeler/corer/slicer really helps.  It was a yummy apple pie!  Love the flavors of fall!

Monday:  The Monday before Halloween is always our family Halloween party.  Everyone is to dress up, and we always invite my parents.  They did a great job of dressing up this year, especially my dad who was a load of laundry :)

Tuesday:  Decorated a lot of pumpkin sugar cookies today.  Mr J needed them for his Halloween party at school.  He was quite proud that he decorated them all himself, and the kids at school loved them!

Wednesday:  Happy Halloween!  Miss A and Miss O didn't last too long trick-or-treating, but Miss E and Mr J sure had fun!

Thursday:  Welcome November!  We don't live close to any of Ben's family, but they are so good to keep in touch and remember us.  We love them.  They sent us a November countdown calendar.  In each envelope is something different each family member--cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents--is grateful for.  We hung it up in our kitchen to see it.  Then we tape their grateful cards on the wall after we open them.  Thank you family!!!  We love you!

Friday:  Typical evening scene in the kitchen--Mr J washing dishes (we had pancakes tonight, thus the grill being out) and Miss O cutting carrots for lunches.

Saturday:  The younger kids had an awards ceremony for the first nine weeks of school.  They both did awesome, and we got a picture of their awards today.

Thanks for visiting and hope you all have a great week!  Welcome November!

Chic Homeschool Mama


  1. I love the Thanksgiving countdown. That is such a sweet and wonderful idea.
    The apple pie looks REALLY amazing.

  2. Great week! YAY for apple pies & I love your apron.

  3. Load of laundry - ha!! Must remember that one for future Halloween ideas. Love it.