Monday, November 12, 2012

2012 Blue Jeans Week 45

I am so very glad we live in a free country.  Elections were this week.  Sadly my candidate didn't win, but I can say I voted, and I think that is extremely important.  I am grateful we live in a country where elections and changes of office happen peacefully without guns, riots, or bloodshed.  I am disappointed with the results, but the office of the President of the United States is one I respect no matter who is there, and I will pray for that man or woman (maybe someday) no matter who they are and their family that they will be guided and directed to lead our country in the right direction.  And with Veteran's Day being celebrated here on Saturday I am even more grateful for the men and woman who serve and have served to make our country free, and for their families that sacrifice to have their loved ones gone so they can keep my family safe.  May God bless them, and I want to thank them for making my country free and keeping it that way so I could vote this week, and that someday my children will be able to vote also.
Sunday:  We are so grateful for Skype.  We do not live close to Ben's family, and Skype makes it very easy to see them and keep in touch.  Tonight we were able to Skype with Grandpa and Grandma.

Monday:  Typical after school scene in our house.  Miss E doing her homework with a mug of hot chocolate after school.  Chocolate always makes anything better-even homework.

Tuesday:  Election Day.  We've had this sign in our front yard for weeks.  We have a voice and a say in this country, so vote and make sure it is heard! 

Wednesday:  This is half a cow :)  We bought half a cow from a local farmer and had it slaughtered and packaged.  It was ready to pick up today.  Looking forward to having enough beef to last a along time!

Thursday:  Becky Higgins had a picture on her blog of her and her siblings watching TV when they were little.  I thought that was an important thing to capture and remember the things we watch.  We don't have TV per say, but we play DVD's and watch things off the internet and have it connected to our TV.  Tonight we were watching "Studio C" which is a new comedy show my kids love on BYUTV.  Things to remember. 

Friday:  I think I have a problem.  I am addicted to post-it notes.  They cover this cupboard in my kitchen.  I put everything on a post-it note and put it here.  This is how I organize my life.  My oldest daughter came down and said, "Mom that is covered.  You have a problem."  Yes, and I keep post-it note pads everywhere--in my car, purse, church bag, night stand--anywhere I can possibly think I would need them.  I buy them in bulk :)  Thank you Costco.

Saturday:  Our town had their Veteran's Day parade today.  They always have the soldiers march this huge flag which I think is so impressive.  Love it.

Thanks for visiting and have a great week!

Chic Homeschool Mama


  1. Love the parade picture. Such a great tribute. I'm the post-it note queen at work. My desk is littered with them. Yet another thing we have in common ;0) We were also just talking about getting a side of beef from John's parents. They own a Black Angus ranch but live 12 hrs away so it's hard to pick it up. LOL!

  2. I wish our town had a parade, it would have been great for the kids to see. Maybe next year I'll do more research and see what I can find.
    I'm the notebook queen...I probably have a hundred of them in boxes and around the house. I always have one near by for jotting stuff down.

  3. Jen - we were very low after the election - still are somewhat. It was good to read your list of gratitude. Also love the cow thing - we ordered that a few years ago and I loved the security of having a good food storage of meat.