Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween, what a fun and crazy holiday.  We were lucky this year, the weather was gorgeous.  The kids didn't even need a jacket to trick-or-treat.
The Monday before Halloween we always have a family Halloween party. Everyone is supposed to dress up.  We invite my parents.  They did an awesome job of dressing up--especially my dad!  He was a load of laundry :)

We always eat the same thing for dinner the Monday before Halloween.  We have beef stew cooked in a pumpkin, and when you scoop it out you scrap the sides and get some of the yummy cooked pumpkin in your stew--yum!  We have it every year.

The Monday before Halloween is when we also crave our pumpkins.  Mr J is so good, he always finds his design ahead of time, and Nana is always his helper.  This year he got his pattern from pumpkin in The Berenstain Bear's Trick-or Treat book.  Looks good!

This was Ben's costume Monday night.  Knew his master's degree robes would come in handy someday :)


Miss E and Grandpa did her pumpkin.  They were going for the Santa Claus look they said.

Miss O and her sad pumpkin

Everyone's pumpkins outside

In the daylight--Miss A's is the 3rd pumpkin, and somehow I missed getting one of her with her pumpkin.

We always make pumpkin sugar cookies at Halloween.  We had to do lots this year because we needed them for Mr J's school Halloween party.  He had a lot of fun decorating them for the kids in his class.

Halloween day--there is always the parade at school--Mr J is the rocker in tie-dye with his awesome guitar he and Ben made.

And Happy Halloween!  Trick-or-treating here we come--at least for Miss O and Mr J.  Miss A and Miss O only went to one house and then they were done :)

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  1. So many fun traditions. I love it! Sadly ours schools ban any Halloween activities. We make the most of it at home though.