Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday thoughts--school has started!

My random Friday thoughts. . .
My weekly inspirational quote.  Love it.  Simple and to the point.  The choice is yours.  I personally prefer smart and happy :)  stupid and miserable have never really been my thing.  Miss E has this in her locker.

And school started this week!?!  Crazy!  My little guy is really not so little anymore--4th grade here he comes with his cute teacher that we love.  2 of his older sisters have had her, and she is the best!  So we are desperately trying to get into the "get to bed early, wake up early" routine, and are having a really hard time which worries me because next week Miss A and Miss O start their 6 a.m. church seminary class followed by 7 a.m. band.  They are going to have long days.  We have had crazy evenings--school open houses, volleyball practices, cross country practices, band uniform fittings, and we have only been in school 3 days!  Here we go!  I think I love summer so much because we can have super busy days, but have nothing in the evenings, and I love that.  That is the kind of schedule I like.  School is not like that.  There is something or usually 4 somethings every evening we need to be at or our kids do.  Divide and conquer.  It sure helps to have another driver--a nice thing Miss A can drive!  So here we go.  I told Ben the other night I felt like I was riding a roller coaster, you know that feeling as you slowly go up and up and up before you plunge straight down and go crazy fast?  Yeah, we have taken the plunge on our roller coaster ride and here we go!  Thankfully everyone seems happy with teachers, classes, school schedules, coaches, etc. so that helps immensely!  Here is to a good school year!  Hope yours goes well too!

On another note, am reading this book right now and really enjoying it.  

Date night tonight and Ben is in charge so we will see what we do.  Last time he chose to go play pickleball.  Have you ever played that?  It is sort of like tennis, but on a smaller court with wooden paddles for rackets and a sort of wiffle ball.  It was fun.  Sadly, it is way, way too hot around here now to do anything outside.  I think he might do a movie night with ice cream which I would think sounds about perfect, I need to just veg on the couch, but we will see.

Have a great weekend and see you Monday!!

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  1. Jen - I cannot believe your youngest is in 4th grade! Unreal.