Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday thoughts

 My random Friday thoughts. . .

So if you have been following my Friday thoughts, you know that I got all these quotes from Ben for Christmas.  He said they were basically reminders for him :)  I have been putting one up on our bathroom mirror weekly since the beginning of the year.  I came to my last one this week.  He gave me a half a years worth of great advice that we both needed :)  and I am just going to go through them again because they all bear repeating.  This one is especially good since I do the opposite all the time.  Need to be more positive. 

So wanted to give an update on what everyone is reading right now.  I am on the 3rd book in the Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo and loving it.  Miss E and Miss O both read the series before me and really liked it.  It is fantasy loosely based in a Russia type country with magic and good fighting evil.  We have all really enjoyed them.

Ben is reading this 1000 page monster.  I love Brandon Sanderson's stuff, but I just couldn't make myself start this 1000 page monster, but it didn't stop Ben.  He is about 400 pages into it, and says it is really good.  Honestly, everything of Brandon Sanderson's I like, and maybe someday I might get up the courage to tackle this one.  

Mr J is reading Harry Potter #3 which is personally probably my favorite one of the series.

Miss E is reading #3 in the Peter Lerangis Seven Wonders series.

Miss O just finished the Grisha series that I am currently reading.

Miss A just finished The Princess Bride by William Goldman--what a classic.

On another note, we watched the movie Noah last weekend and would not recommend it.  It was dumb (rock people?), totally not accurate, and really a waste of time and money.  We were disappointed.  

On that happy note :)  have a good weekend and see you Monday!

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  1. The last good book I read was "I Am Malala". Loved it! I heard Noah was dumb. Aron hadn't so unfortunately he watched it with JD while I was in UT picking up Joshua. Oh well!