Monday, September 21, 2015

2015 Blue Jeans Week 38

A good week for us this week.  Having the girls all in the same sport really does save my sanity.  Sad moments as I think "This is Miss A's last. . . "  having a senior is crazy!  Ben had some work meetings this past weekend at a little town in Iowa, so I tagged along and had a great time.  Nice to get away just the two of us!  So, here is a look at our week. . .
Love that my Mr J still loves his trains!  Sunday afternoon he made an awesome track in the living room.  

When Miss O and Miss A came down for school they both had their hair in cute buns, so I had to get a picture--twin hair day :) Love their goofy expressions

If my kids need help with English homework, they ask me.  If they need help with math, they know to ask their amazing dad because their mom has no clue :)  So Ben was helping Miss O with her college algebra tonight.  Fun stuff!

Kind of a blurry picture, but for youth group tonight they played ultimate Frisbee.  Miss A on the right and Miss E in the back and white.  They had fun!  Sadly Miss O was not feeling well and was home sick.

Cross Country race for the week--and Miss O was still sick, so she missed it. Miss A and her teammate stuck together through most of the race and both medaled and did awesome!  It was just way too hot still--over 90 and really humid.  We need fall!

So we drove many hours to get to Ben's work meetings, and they were in this beautiful part of Iowa where the fields looked like this.  I loved it! 

While Ben was in meetings the little town we stayed in was having an Antique Festival which I got to walk around and enjoy.  Lots of fun!

Thanks for visiting!  Come back Wednesday for a yummy and super easy cookie recipe we made Sunday.  We try to make a new cookie recipe each Sunday.  This one is good!  

Have a great week!


  1. Great train track! I love the paper roll tunnel. It's been really hot here too. After a few days of fall with temps in the high 70s we were back to 103 yesterday. Crazy! Looks like a nice little escape for Ben's work. Beautiful countryside! In our family it's the opposite-- I'm the math whiz and John in the English buff ;0)

  2. No way! Where in Iowa were you? I love this blog post. Makes me smile. Like all the rest of them!