Monday, September 28, 2015

2015 Blue Jeans Week 39

A good week. Lots of cookie making going on here. Another successful cross country race under our belts and a very relaxing and enjoyable  weekend--away football games are so nice :).  Take a look at our week.. .
Miss E working on our Sunday cookies.  They are the chocolate mint cookies I posted last week on Wednesday.  Yummy!

People ask me how things are going as I serve on the Board of Education now.  Well, so far it has been making lots, and lots, and lots of cookies :)  I have visited each of the 5 schools in our district and wanted to bring a treat for the teachers, so lots of cookies.  I am really enjoying my service on the board and learning a lot.  It is going to be a good 4 years!

Our cross country meet for the week was at home.  How nice!  Miss O rockin' it in her race!

And Miss A also rockin' in hers!  So proud of these girls!  They are running a 5 K--3.1 miles.  A very long race on a very hot day!  We need fall temps now not summer!  Ugh!  Wish these girls would have a nice cool day to run their races on!

Miss O in her race that day.  Middle school runs 2 miles.  She did a great job!  So proud of her!

Relaxing this weekend.  Mr J and Ben working on his Spirograph kit.  Lots of fun!

Thanks for visiting.  Pretty crazy week this next week--homecoming and Miss A is a homecoming queen candidate!  Crazy here we come!  Hope we can make it through in one piece!  Wish us luck!  Come back soon!

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  1. How exciting about homecoming. Good luck to Miss A. We missed homecoming because there was an away 2-day polo tournament which was kind of sad--bad timing. Love all the cookie baking. At least you have lots of helpers. Looks like cross country is going well and yay for Spirograph. I so remember doing those as a kid and teaching my boys when they were younger.