Tuesday, September 6, 2016

2016 Blue Jeans Week 35

So I haven't decided how I am going incorporate Miss A's college pictures and activities into our scrapbook.   She has so many fun and cool things she is doing.  Exciting times!  She started school officially this week.  We started redoing her room for her sister this week too :)  Our new batch of chickens finally stated laying eggs!!!  yeah!!!  First cross country meet of the season and life is general is good.  Take a look at our week. . .
Our first egg from our new batch of chickens we raised from baby chicks that we got back in March.  Yeah!  Love fresh eggs!!!

Getting to work on redoing Miss A's room for her sister. . .this is a before look

And this is a "middle" in the process look.  Will have to wait until next week for the "after" photo :)  Miss O is taking over Miss A's room since she and Miss E have shared since they were born.  They are both very excited to get their own rooms!

Miss A on her first day of college!  Watch out world here she comes!

 Miss O and Miss E on their first cross country meet of the season.  Their girls' team got first place!  Way to go!!!  It is going to be a great season!

Went out to lunch with some of my bestest friends.  Now that school is back in session we try to get together for lunch once a month.  Yeah for great friends!!!

And this photo is from Miss A, she went to a comedy show and met this Studio C actor Matt Meese which our family is a huge fan of.  She was sooooo excited!!!!  and we were too!  Lots of fun!!

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you had a great week!  


  1. Can't wait to see the "after" pictures and how awesome that the girls will get their own rooms now! I bet they're THRILLED. That's GREAT the girl's team won first place for their first cross country meet of the school year. I LOVE having adult girl's time out with my friends. It looks like Miss A is LOVING her first week at BYU. How fun!

  2. It's so nice she sends you pictures from her college adventures. I'm thinking I'll get maybe one or two a year from my son. He's not into taking pictures at all. Have fun redoing the rooms and mixing things up. My younger two are staying together and we'll leave Tyler's room as is for him to come back to. I think it will work as a good study room while he's away though since the others can't study in the same room without causing trouble. The cat will probably choose to take it over at some point as well. Sounds like the girls are off to a great cross country season.

  3. No way! Seriously? MATT??? That's pretty amazing. Joshua has pictures with Natalie and oh my gosh, his name just slipped my mind, Adam. Yes, Adam. Sorry. Ha ha! Great comedians!