Monday, September 19, 2016

2016 Blue Jeans Week 37

We are so ready for fall weather here.  It has been way too hot!  This week isn't supposed to cool down yet, but we are sure ready for when it ever does!  Great week--Miss E got an awesome church award, Mr J got a band award, we had a really hot cross country race, Miss A went to her first college football game, and we had a beautiful rainbow after a storm that Mr J got a picture of.  A great week, take a look. . .
See that beautiful young woman with that pretty necklace on?  The necklace represents over 80 hours of service and way more in other activities to earn.  Miss E received her Young Women's Medallion at church today, and we are so proud of her.  No, she was not wearing the Captain American shirt in church :)  we just didn't get a picture before she changed out of her church clothes :)  Pretty amazing girl!  We are proud of you!.

And this cute kid did amazing on his first band test--best in the class so his teacher took a picture and sent it to me.  Love thoughtful teachers!

The girls love to be creative, and they got it into their heads they needed a collage to describe themselves, so they had a wonderful afternoon one day of cutting up old magazines.  I need to get pictures of their collages now that they are done.  Sometimes creativity can be messy :) but that is okay.

For our young women's church activity tonight we had a sister missionary from Hawaii teach us how to make some Hawaiian food.  Yum!  We had pani popo and Hawaiian chicken soup and rice.  Yum!

One super hot cross country race this week.  Man---so hot and humid.  We need fall!   But these two cute girls did awesome!

And got this picture from Miss A this week--first college home football game.  Yeah!  How fun!!!

We have had lots of rain lately, and one afternoon after a storm Mr J went outside and saw this.  It was a full rainbow--we could see it all the way to the end on both sides--but no pots of gold that we could see.  It was pretty cool!  Isn't nature amazing????

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you have a great week!!!


  1. Amazing rainbow! Congrats to the kids on all their awards and creativity. Super nice the teacher sent you a picture of Mr J. That's awesome! And who did BYU play in that first home game???---UCLA! Tyler was watching on campus at a watch party and we were watching at home. He goes to his first home game at the Rose Bowl stadium this Saturday and is super excited.

  2. HUGE congrats to Miss E on getting her YW Medallion! :)
    I love it when teachers think to take pictures of the kids at school and share them with us, b/c our kids spend so much of their time there.